Outdoor Tactical Supplier is an all around great company, It is kind of designed to make finishing your AR build something special. I say that because much of Outdoor Supplier’s products are centered around parts that you can put in or on your AR build. From Handguards too lower parts kits to dust covers, Outdoor Supplier has helped me give a little character to at least 3 of my AR-15 builds since I have been shopping with them. Here is why I highly recommend shopping here if you are an AR-15 builder. 

They take parts from all around and put them on their website for an affordable price. I have bought numerous lower parts kits from them and I haven’t had a single one malfunction. I have purchased one dust cover from them and it wasn’t out of spec in the slightest. And the service and shipping is great, always around the 5-7 business day mark and the packaging is always spot on. 

For you people who like the look, they even have fake suppressors, and the things they carry that you are able to put on the muzzle of your gun is quite generous. They’ve got all sorts of compensators, muzzle breaks and flash suppressors. My favorite in particular, in terms of looks has been the Rocket Man Flash hider. Outdoor Supplier is the place you ought to go if you are a builder and wanted to give some character to your AR build. 


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