Tac OpShop is one of the best gun stores for many reasons. And while the reviews on them are good, none of them serve to really tell you why you might want to use them per recommendation. So I will go over with you exactly what TacOpShop does to keep its customers happy and new ones coming in. 

TacOpShop is a Utah based  gun shop and ecommerce store where you can buy guns of all sorts from a vast selection of  distributors. I would say that its main appeal is the fact that the store has a lot of everything, and the Utah residents who can’t find what they are looking for in store can look online to find basically no variation in prices.  TacOpShop keeps it simple and easy to manage with various payment methods and an easy-to-navigate interface. 

They provide ways to connect with the community by allowing customers to subscribe to newsletters, but they don’t do it with pop ups. They merely place a tab on the interface for the people who might be interested. Not only that, but they allow potential customers to view the testimonial section, a portion of the website that lets past customers affirm their great experiences with the company. 

They offer a list of services from bore sighting to layaways. And actually, I would say that their layaway is the weakest part of their setup simply because I have seen better layaway deals elsewhere. However, they do have one, and it can work for you. TacOpShop is a great gun store. Hopefully this little insight has given you enough information to consider them for your next gun purchase. 


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