I love the look of quad rails in general. I love how easy it is to fit attachments onto them, and while it’s really easy to find cheap chinesium quad rails online, I did some shopping and came across the ATR Pro Quad Rail which was on the website as a featured item when I looked. You know, some quad rails can be really poorly done, so here are a few of the issues I was looking to get past with my upgraded quad rail. 

Quad Rails can be too big or too toy-like to feel like they are a viable addition to your AR build. Sometimes the edges come out too sharp or pointed and can be a hazard when that’s all you have to hold on to. A lot of quad rails out there do not provide a seamless transition from receiver to rail, which often makes the whole build look awkward, or just like a mesh of parts that don’t really fit together. 

The AT3 Pro quad rail tackles all these problems. There are ridges that fit to the upper receiver, aesthetically giving a path to follow while helping the rail stay in place in function. It is made out of 6061 aluminum so it doesn’t feel toy-like yet keeps a light and stable feeling when handling. One part that was pretty interesting was its ability to mount slings in 5 different positions.

My only issue is that it does not come in sizes longer than 15” as I would love to put this rail on my .308 build. The AT3 pro quad rail is definitely a product you should consider if you are looking for a quality quad rail for your AR build. It comes in pistol and carbine lengths so have at it. 


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