Legion Defense AR-15 Review
Legion Defense AR-15 Review

Legion Defense gave me the ability to make my order almost completely custom. They are by no means a traditional ecommerce gun store. In fact, it seems more like they bring bac the gun smithing aspect to purchasing guns in order to give customers the most unique, customized build they can have. Here is why I recommend the Legion Defense AR-15. 

They are completely to your specs. Most orders on the website are made over the phone as you can customize everything down to the most minute details of the build. You can customize everything up to barrel size calibers and attachments. It’s basically all up to you. While the company is definitely not geared towards budget builders or buyers, the quality is definitely there and well worth the money to spend on a veteran owned company. 

You can purchase ammo in bulk from Legion Defense or you can buy from the box and they typically try to get their customers reduced pricing when it comes to ammo sales. They have a class 07 FFL and cater to law enforcement in this way by offering their custom builds in fully auto versions. 

From the get go, it is very apparent that Legion Defense takes their work very seriously, and from the results of their  work, my AR-15 build is just about perfect. There is nothing really that can be done to it to make it better as I am sure the build was made with precision tools. There are definitely not a lot of shops like Legion Defense and the unique nature of their business  is one reason why you should give them a look at least. Who knows, you might end up with the perfect AR build for you. Definitely recommend Legion Defense AR-15s.


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