F2 G34 Complete Builders Kit Review
F&F Firearms – F2 G34 Complete Builders Kit Review

I bought the F AND F Firearms P80 G34 build kit with jig and slide. I have been eyeing it for a while now and I am really glad I did. To start off I will just say that the packaging on this thing was such a hassle to get into, but I am kinda happy about that because my local postal service is unreasonably rough with packages. So a big plus on the packaging over at F and F.

The slide, which I think is the only part that is made from F and F is such a great piece. I highly recommend their slides for the craftsmanship and quality. The one I got was made with the RMR, but does not come with any sights so you will have to put those on yourself. The barrel is a safari precision fluted barrel. 

Now everything on this build comes together to make an extremely well made p80. I will say though that the stock Glock trigger is not my tea, simply because I am more experienced with shooting triggers that are designed better. The aftermarket for p80 triggers is definitely a lot better and this build helped confirm that. I was shooting in 3” groups at about 5-10 yard ranges before it had broken in. I would say after the break in period, about 200 rounds it was feeling much more like a well functioning  gun. Don’t be concerned if you have some issues with feeding in the beginning. 

I highly recommend the F and F G34 P80 for a range pistol, which is what I bought it for. The G34 is a little big for concealed carry in my opinion. 


  1. Just wondering. You seem to have ordered your pistol from F&F about the same time many others were back ordered or out-of-stock. Did you order well in advance of the current shortage? They are not even taking phone calls, according to their FB page, and a lot of angry customers are leaving comments.


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