I was looking to do some very hardcore marksmanship, but didn’t have a gun that really took my fancy until I bought the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro. They posted an overview on their website about it and I was initially very intrigued by it simply because of the lengths they went to maximize user comfort while firing the gun. One thing about the Delta 5 that I didn’t like was the stock grip. I like to shoot with a more vertical, ergonomic grip, like something from Magpul.

It just feels better in my hand. I switched it out for my AR-15 Magpul grip actually, since it is AR-15 grip compatible. I have mainly used the Delta 5 for target shooting, but I imagine, with the scope it has, that it could be used for hunting. It is a dead accurate rifle, so you shouldn’t have any problems, and they have options for .308 win and 6.5 CM. Definitely hunting capable. Give the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro a shot!


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