Spikes Tactical BCG Review
ST5BGO1 BCG (5.56) SPIKES TACTICAL m16 w/HPT/MPI Bolt Phosphate Finish

Hello friends, just thought I would pop in with another review; this time, the review will be about the Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group. Now, I know Spikes Tactical is a somewhat well-known company that has offered decent products over the years. But, as a first time buyer, I want to give my actual thoughts on Spikes and their bolt carrier group so I am not simply regurgitating information from others. 

Who is Spikes Tactical?

Spikes Tactical is an All American AR-15 parts manufacturer based in Apopka, Florida, but you probably could already tell where the company was from. It almost seems like these AR-15 companies come out of one to three states. Spikes Tactical has a ton of community outreach, popular with even that old fart on youtube, Hickok45. Spikes Tactical is a manufacturer, distributor, and e-commerce store that sells various parts and components for the AR-15 platform. They are famous for dishing out those AR-15 lowers with the crusader and spartan helmet designed magwells. 

Spikes Tactical is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to building AR-15s from parts. Their kits are also a bit more expensive too, but we will delve into the balance of pricing and quality more as we talk more about Spikes. 

Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group Any Good?

Spikes Tactical Phosphate BCG
This is a picture of how Spikes Tactical M16 Phosphate Finish BCG comes. White box packaging that perfectly fits the BCG with bubble wrap to protect the product, which is located inside the white box.

Now, down to the nitty gritty: Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group. You know, I actually do have a nice CMMG build that I fit my bolt into for this special occasion! I was initially wanting just an upgrade bolt after having my build come with a nitride BCG, I knew the performance of the build itself would be optimized when using a Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group. I also heard that CMMG and Spikes Tactical offer very similar products so it  seemed like a really good decision to get a bolt that is verifiably in the same spec as the gun itself. 

The Specs of the Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group. 

Here are the Specifications of the Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group as seen on the description part of their listing. 

Mil Spec Carrier

  • 8620 Tool Steel
  • Full Auto M-16


  • 158 Carpenter Steel
  • Shot Peened
  • High Pressure Tested (HPT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI)

Mil Spec Extractor

  • 8620 Tool Steel
  • Nickel Boron Finish
  • Extractor Spring
  • Black Extractor Insert
  • Viton O-Ring

Mil Spec Gas Key

  • 8620 Tool Steel
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Properly Staked

All of the parts have the Nickel Boron finish, and I was quite happy to see that the finish was very sleek and polished looking. That never does last long, but the finish itself is still holding up after a couple thousand rounds through it by the time I am posting this review. 

Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group Review
Another close up picture of Spikes Tactical BCG.

Why Buy Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Groups?

Alright, so I know there are many people out there who don’t see the need for a Nickel Boron finish on a bolt carrier group, mainly because the nitride bolts are still viable and much cheaper. For a gun that goes boom, nitride bcgs are great all day. However, if you want something that generally performs better and is more durable, then going the nickel boron route is definitely the better option. So just what are all the differences between nitride and nickel boron bolts that make them better than each other, and?

Nitride Bolt advantages

  • Can Last Longer without being cleaned
  • Does not need as much lubricant to remain functional
  • Does not allow carbon to build up as easily
  • Last longer than phosphate finishes
  • Lower coefficient of friction requires less inertial force to cycle as it should

Nickel Boron Bolt Advantages

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Especially low coefficient of friction helps the system work optimally with little need for lubricant
  • Much more durable than phosphate or Nitride
  • Sleek finish makes it hard for carbon build up to occur, (self-cleaning)
  • Accepts a wider range of ammo types without worry of jams or extreme stress on bolt components

As you can see, general performance is enhanced just by adding a nickel boron bcg to your build. The handling is much better, and the maintenance becomes almost nonexistent. For people who are looking to squeeze a little more juice out of their ARs, a nickel boron bcg is likely the only way to go. 

How is Spikes Tactical Customer Service?

The customer service from Spikes Tactical is generally well received by the community. I also didn’t experience anything that required assistance from their support team, and on some level, the best customer service is not needing any in the first place. The FAQ page covers the main aspects of their operation, whether there are questions about purchasing out of state, under the legal age, or buying a gift certificate. Spikes Tactical covers a lot of their bases before the need for support and that is a great way to keep things seamless and convenient. 

How is Spikes Tactical Shipping time?

My order shipped in 3 days, which is currently in line with what they have posted online. 

“Our normal shipping time is within 72 hours for parts, builds may take a little longer (this is from when your payment is processed, and does not include weekends).

A three day shipping time is pretty standard these days so Spikes is also in line with other companies that do the same thing. I bought only the bcg, so I suppose it wasn’t a lot, but from my experience, the time it took my order to get to me was completely reasonable and within the promised timeframe. 

Many companies out there are lacking in shipping times. I would even venture to say that the community doesn’t reward the companies that do ship within their listed timeframes, especially when they are completely reasonable. So really good job, in my opinion, to Spikes Tactical for the stellar service. 

How does the Spikes Tactical BCG perform?

Spikes Tactical BCG

Now, after seeing what the advantages of the Nickel boron bcg are over the phosphate and nitride bcgs, you might already want to move in on one. The performance on the Spikes Tactical bolt is phenomenal, especially right after switching bolts. The difference in the cycling of the action, how clean it is after a rough day of shooting, and how it holds up after constant use. 

One of the main ideas people live by is “don’t reinvent the wheel.” It is a pretty sensible way to carry on, until what efforts are made to make the wheel better are ignored. So while Spikes Tactical bcg seems like too much, it still provides an enhanced shooting experience at a price that, honestly, isn’t all that bad. For their excellent adherence to predetermined shipping times, quality of the product itself, and the amount of entertainment I have been able to squeeze out of it, Spikes Tactical gets my recommendation!


  1. Many online distributors claim they are manufacturers. Are you sure Spikes manufactures their own products? I have many friends who work in this industry and many brands are white labeled and prices are jacked up on a lot of products due to the branding. I would double check the manufacturing part.

  2. I’ve heard many good things about spikes tactical all of course online. I actually don’t know single person around me that has bought from spikes but from what I saw they had a great rep. I haven’t ordered this particular BCG from them. Just happened to come across this review as I came for searching for other company review on this website.

    Let me shine some light over here while I am here. These people have poor customer service who don’t answer you quick, and shipping time was horrible. I did not had fun waiting for almost 6 weeks before I got to see my upper receiver. Maybe it’s the COVID thing, IDK. I know I can’t ask for AMAZON level delivery and customer service convenience but this is something I can’t tolorate as understanding of a person I am.

  3. I’ve built 2 AR15’s in the past year. I am talking about year 2021 to be exact. I have bought this phosphate BCG from spikes and I have also bought a BCG from another website E2. I like buying from different brands sometimes to see who’s quality is better, which product is more reliable etc.. This product is very close in quality and performance to E2’s bcg. Those are probably the two of the best bolt carrier groups I have purchased, only thing is one is $84 from E2 and spikes was more expensive sitting at $150. Regardless this is a good review Paul, when you mentioned Nickle Boron BCG I’ve had my eyes on this product for quite some time now and I would really appreciate a review on this in future!

  4. Okay look I am not here to talk shit, Spikes Tactical products are actually good quality.
    I’ve bought here multiple times and I would say I am a fan the brand. The thing that pisses me off is that how frequently their products are out of stock. I check the website to shop, many products are out of stock. I know we have shipment issues from China, all the shipping container boats being delayed and all that but they DON’T seem to be manufactured in China so I don’t get it. I wanna buy from Spikes directly and I can’t but they have website to shop all their products but products are all out of stock. I have get my Spikes products from 3rd party companies who seem to have the products available. I don’t wanna be forced to shop at some shit brand to buy Spikes products when I can buy from them so IDK, maybe they prioritize their dealers more than they care about little guys who make the name of this brand.

  5. I don’t know about other people’s experience but I never had a bad experience ordering from Spikes Tactical. Although I have noticed many products being out of stock often but hey it is what it is. We got a shortage of chicken and other foods. I think these people are doing what they can to make their products available to the market. Paul, thank you for your review. I am looking forward to seeing more reviews on Spikes products.

  6. My first Nickel Boron bcg was from FailZero. I paid $140 for it and it actually worked very smoothly. About two months ago I came across Spikes Nickel Boron bcg. It happened to be available at the time. I can consider myself lucky knowing the fact many products featured on Spikes website are on backorder. Anyways, it took about a week for it to arrive. I’m a patient guy so for me that’s not a bad time to wait. I am pretty sure I’ve put over two thousand rounds through this bcg. I haven’t had any problems or malfunction at all. Easy to clean and very similar to FailZeros Nickel BCG. Although it is $225 which for some people might be a little pricey but for me definitely worth the money. I would say if you got the bucks, snatch it up, why not.

  7. Spikes TACTICAL makes great quality parts. My AR’s feature some of their upper receivers, BCG and lower receiver. Great finish and the tolerances are solid and tight! The packaging is basic and could be cooler but who cares at the end of the day product that’s QUALITY is what truly matters. I never had a bad customer experience with them or shipping problems. Everything ordered always came to me as described on their website. Only negative experience I had was having to wait 13 days one time. That’s about it. If you are skeptical about buying from spikes, don’t be. They’ve been in the business for a while and have developed their reputation as a trusted and legitimate source.


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