While searching online -very spontaneously I might add- I came across a website called  Firequest who seems to specialize in clearance firearm parts and accessories. I was actually in the mood to buy nothing from there, but I did find myself just glancing over the website’s products: 65 round drum magazines, Magpul bipods, ammunition, and accessories for shotguns, AKs, and ARs. They have a lot of conventional items, and one not so conventional item that just so happens to be the product I will be reviewing: The AR-15 golf ball launcher. 

I know, I had to do a double take as well when I saw it, I  had no idea there was such a thing as an AR-15 golf ball launcher, and when I saw it, I impulsively bought it. Much of the reason I bought it came down to being only a  $30  price tag plus shipping. Nothing expensive at all, and I would not have to waste any of the ammo I already have stored because the device specifically calls for blank rounds to be fired appropriately. 

And does it work? Of course it works! While it is cheap and offers no real function aside from goofing off at the driving range, it is a very fun and easy to use device. I mean what isn’t fun about shooting golf balls from your AR-15? It’s nothing to write home about but it is just an overall fun thing that works, that doesn’t cost anything really. It ships quickly and all you need are some golf balls and a place to launch them even better than Happy Gilmore’s drive. 


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