I was in the market to build a .300blk out AR-15 and came across the Next Level Arms 300 Blackout barrel 16”. I am not sure if it is a good price for the product, but I didn’t end up coming out of house and home for it as the price was only 135 plus shipping and handling. Now a barrel can’t really feature much, but I will try to talk about it as much as possible because I really like it and would recommend it for your .300 blk build. 

It comes in either 16” or 8.5” inches. I opted for the 16” because I do not plan on getting or waiting for the suppressor stamp to come in. I realized already and have come to terms with the fact that I may not be using it in its optimal condition, but if the barrel works for the kind of plinking I want to be doing, then that is my business. Here are the specs of the barrel. 

It is .300blk ⅛ twist with a QPQ nitride finish on 4150 CrMoV. I wish I could speak more about the twist rates capabilities in relation to the .300blk round, but I just don’t have enough experience with it  to give that in depth. Does it work and is it accurate? Yes. The accuracy on this barrel is actually one of its defining features. 

The Next Level Arms .300blk barrel treats the gas system very well, and by this time I have not yet gone 5000 rounds with the build. All in all I just have to say, for the price, this barrel doesn’t leave much to be desired. In fact, I would recommend that anyone who is trying to build a .300 blackout consider this barrel from Next Level Arms. 


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