Vortex OPMOD StrikeFire II MOA Red
Vortex OPMOD StrikeFire II MOA Red

The optics world is heavily saturated with gimmicky and nuanced gadgetry under the promise of functionality and ease of use. However, I find that it is all too easy to find optics that are not up to par with even the cheapest functional sights. That being said, I was looking for a decent optic for my AR build, one that gave me the ability to use my iron sights as well as the optic, interchangeably. I was searching on Optics Planet and found the OPMOD Vortex StrikeFire II. Here is my input on this decent optic. 

The sight is great for shooting and 1×1 magnification. However it might not be the best for anything else as that is what the optic is set at. Optics Planet does have a magnifier which you can purchase separately in order to get more out of the optic itself. 

The optic works really well and is adjustable up to 100 MOA in all directions. Once you have your optic zeroed in, you can peep the sight from any direction, and as long as your sight picture is in line with the dot in the optic, you should be able to hit your target. 

The one I got was the FDE one exclusive to Optics Planet for a very good price. It comes with flip lens covers already installed, a feature that is very useful in keeping the optic usable for much longer. The mount fits virtually all rails so it’s hard to find something that this optic won’t fit on. 

Optics Planet definitely came out with a good product this time. It’s a very adaptable optic that is able to be used alongside an iron sight, It has installed lens protectors and mounts on almost any build. I highly recommend the Vortex StrikeFire II by OpticsPlanet. 


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