Spikes Tactical BCG Review

Spikes Tactical BCG Review

Hello friends, just thought I would pop in with another review; this time, the review will be about the Spikes Tactical Bolt Carrier Group. Now, I know Spikes Tactical...
Thunder Tactical Review

Thunder Tactical AR-15 Rifle Kit Review

Well, here it is everyone, my review of the Thunder Tactical AR-15 Rifle Kit. I plan to be as detail oriented as possible with this one, so get some...
Bolt Carrier Group – Micro-Polished Titanium Nitride – HPT/MPI

E2 Armory Bolt Carrier Group Review

Hello everyone, just thought I would give my two cents on a company I just bought from: E2 Armory. The reason I am giving this review is because of...
Thunder Guns Review

Thunder Guns Review

With a plethora of quick, snippy information out there, it is hard to come across accurate and detailed information. In a world where people read only the headlines, substantial...
What is a .300 Black out Upper?

What is a .300 Blackout Upper?

The AR platform is one of the most diverse platforms in firearms manufacturing history. Since the early days of American gunsmithing, the popularity of interchangeable parts has skyrocketed, and... Review

AR15.Site Review

Before I get into my review of, I will go over a bit of context for what I experienced online searching for parts. I am sure we all...
80 lower review

Thunder Tactical 80% Lower Receiver Review

Thunder Tactical is one of the bigger companies out there selling AR-15 80% lower receivers and AR-15 rifle and pistol kits. Based in Daytona Beach, Florida, the company essentially lives...
NP Freedom Ammo Can Magnetic Stencils Review

NP Freedom Ammo Can Magnetic Stencils Review

Not many people -especially those of you just getting into guns- think about ammo storage. For beginners, they may not think they have enough ammo worth properly storing for...
Antiques and Artillery Review

Antiques and Artillery Review

Now I am pretty certain you guys have never heard of this company before because their name is just so outlandish compared to the actual items they offer. I...
ALWAYS ARMED 10.5" 300 Blackout Pistol Kit

ALWAYS ARMED 10.5″ 300 Blackout Pistol Kit

I have been working on getting a decent .300blk build for a while now since I want to get a suppressor ASAP before they officially become illegal. I didn't...