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Before I get into my review of, I will go over a bit of context for what I experienced online searching for parts. I am sure we all know that 2020 was a complete boom for the gun industry. 2020 saw a record number of gun sales and the same could be said for 80% lowers. The normal places to buy from,, PSA, 5D Tactical, are all out of stock on their websites. And then there is me, not able to find anything anywhere until I get onto reddit one time and notice a deal on r/gundeals for polymer80 build kits from a website I had never heard of:

Who is

From what I can tell, is relatively new to the block for AR-15 80% lower websites. And it looks like what they do is basically just like everyone else. I mean when it comes down to it, AR15 site seems to be a smaller operation based in Florida -where else, am I right?- and from the looks of it doesn’t have a very big team associated with it. The guy you will pretty much always end up talking to is name Cody, and that guy definitely knows a thing or two about guns. Moreover, he is a nice guy and has always helped me out with my orders. 

Is AR15.Site a legit company?

Just to nip this in butt, I know a lot of people are skeptical about finding new websites. And at’s prices, I even thought it was a bit of stretch. However, all it really took was a phone call for me to figure out if it is a legit operation over there. AR15.Site, Mainly Cody is a very responsive guy and he will almost always be there to pick up the phone. 

What Products do they offer?

AR15.Site is not really different from other companies in that they do not sell anything very unique. In my opinion and for the price point on much of their products, is meant to be a company for the middle class gun buyer. Here is a list of all of the categories of products they sell. 

  • AR-15 80% Lowers
  • AR-15 Pistol Kits
  • AR-15 Rifle Kits
  • AR-9 80% Lowers
  • AR-9 Pistol Kits
  • AR-9 Rifle Kits
  • AR-10 80% Lowers
  • AR-10 Rifle Kits 
  • AR-10 Uppers
  • Polymer 80 Frames
  • Polymer 80 Complete Kits has uppers, lowers and kits for the main 80% lower platforms out there. But they also have a portion of the website dedicated to purely 100% complete firearms, which have to be shipped to an FFL in order to legally obtain. They carry several of the Turkish manufactured AR shotguns, AK shotguns as well as the Sig p365. Not a great selection, but I have seen them add new products every so often.

Is it Worth Buying from AR15.Site?

That question is a good question, and it serves as the basis for why I am here, which is to review this company. So let’s go over the good and the bad with the company. When I found it, I didn’t really know what to expect. The price, the lead time and the website itself looked like a stretch. And so I was skeptical to actually move on that P80 complete kit deal I had seen on Reddit. However it only took one phone call and three days for me to receive my order. It came, I built it, fired it, and it worked. It still works in fact. And it is not the only thing I have brought from the. 

So when it comes down to it. has a responsive customer service, probably the lowest prices on any unblemished lowers anywhere on the internet right now, and lead time that barely scratches the surface of the 4th day. They are almost always in stock with the high demand items like AR-15, AR-10, AR-9 and Polymer 80 parts. Actually, come to think of it, their p80 section hasn’t been out of stock a single time that I have checked it. 

Is a reliable company? is most definitely a reliable company. I say that not because of their ability to rectify issues, but in my experience, I have not had an issue with their products or shipping times ever. Its fair to assume that a newer online company, especially one that is in such a high demand market might falter a bit when it comes to reliability, but that is not the case with Everything I have ordered has come to me quickly, been packaged well and has been at the most competitive price point. You can’t find prices like these anywhere else unless the products are blem. 

What are the most popular items on

AR-15 80% Lowers sells a decent quality mil spec lower for the cheapest price you can get online. It will fit with any other mil spec accessories and comes in singles and 5 packs. They also have a decent enough jig to go with it. There is definitely nothing wrong with these lowers and at the price point, they might be something to write home about. I am surprised they have any in stock. 

Polymer 80s

I have bought several Polymer 80 build kits from I love their upper and lower parts kits especially which are oddly easier to assemble than the ones directly from Glock. Their slides are unique and they have a few different colors. I personally love the Titanium blue and Tungsten Titanium finishes.

AR-9 Pistol Kits

AR-9s are definitely hard to come by for under $900 which is why I was especially surprised to find selling them for only $700. A whole kit, Lower, 7” upper, and all the fixings for $700 on a 9mm platform. 

Disclaimer: Do not put aftermarket magazines into this as it will not work. 

.308 DPMS Lowers and Uppers

They have recently added a few new options for purchasing these AR-10 80 lower receivers. The single and three pack of lowers are on the website now,  which must be a result of people buying more of them per order. These are gen 1 .308 dpms lowers. Unfortunately, they do not carry these in any other colors but black. However they do have raw lowers which allows you to get the finish of your choosing elsewhere. 

After shopping with for about 4 months now, I would say I have a pretty good understanding of how they operate, at least when it comes to buying things from them. But what I can do is for certain is share my experience with others so more people can take advantage of these products. has a responsive customer service op, fast shipping (2-3 business days), lowest prices on products anywhere, and the quality to boot. I highly recommend for you if you are looking to buy from reliable online shop.


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