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E2 Armory is your source for a variety of AR-15 components at reasonable prices and great deals. Buyers and reviewers agree that E2 products don’t just function well, they also look good with their sleek, anodized design. 

External Reviews

According to Toxophilites.com, the upper receivers have a “sleek, understated look.” Another AR-15 expert at Hunt and Hike says the Bolt Carrier Group shows a high level of workmanship that will ensure your weapon will function for years to come. A heat-treated nickel boron build also sets their product apart from the crowd. 

MPI Testing

Another aspect to the design that makes it reliable is its extensive MPI testing. MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) testing is used to detect any breaks or ruptures in iron, nickel, cobalt, or their alloys. This test ensures that you are getting a high-quality product.

Awesome Selection

In addition to its quality design, E2 Armory features a wide selection of upper and lower receivers, which can be customized to build a gun that suits your wants and needs. E2 Armory also features a wide diversity of styles for your AR-15 components, including anodized, engraved and stripped upper receivers.

A stripped upper receiver, to explain further, means that it only contains the essential components. Whatever unique design you prefer, E2 Armory is sure to have it.

Great Price

While E2 Armory certainly has an impressive array of components, one question you may be wondering is if E2 Armory is good for your wallet. The answer is “Yes|. E2 Armory has very reasonable prices for their products. 

Of course, a low price isn’t everything. E2 Armory prices are reasonable, but not so low that one would question the value of their products. In addition, E2 Armory’s range of products also includes a range of prices which can fit into any budget.

The Numbers

However, don’t just take my word for it. Customers and AR-15 experts agree that E2 Armory is among the best around. In fact, eighty-three percent of reviewers give E2 Armory a six star rating. In fact, it has no ratings below five star, implying a very high rate of customer satisfaction. 

One reviewer says the pricing is “too good to be true”, but was still satisfied enough to give a six star rating. Another reviewer reported that he needed specific work done, and E2 Armory helped him with it. Other customer reviews agree that E2 Armory has an excellent support staff. 

For You

You may have a variety of different needs when looking for an AR-15, be it for hunting, self-defense or competitive shooting. With a diverse array of products designed for building your AR-15, E2 Armory is sure to meet your needs. 

E2 Armory also has a dedicated support staff which will help you meet your needs. With high ratings in product quality and overall customer satisfaction along with great prices, E2 Armory is a great place to buy an AR-15.

E2 Armory Review
E2 Armory Review: A closer look!

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