delta team tactical reviews
delta team tactical reviews

I will be reviewing for you all today, the Delta team tactical 10.5 inch upper assembly review. I have had a lot of time to get my opinions just right on this upper. For my runs, I used federal premium .223. I also tried to maximize its performance by running mock two gun shoots with it, as well as a bit of stationary shooting to get a better feel for the overall performance. Here is what I think of the Delta Team Tactical 10.5” upper 

Now, just a full disclaimer, this is by no means a match grade upper. It is assembled with a common forged upper receiver, and everything around it is very basic. Usually with the cheaper uppers you will find that they are severely overgassed, so that they will initially cycle whatever you put in them. I found that this Delta Team Tactical upper was only slightly overgassed. I find that the use of hotter ammunition will change the result you get, but for what I was using mostly, only a slight overgas was apparent. 

The handguard is a 6 screw lock design which is rock solid. That thing will just not budge. It is capable of being equipped with additional accessories on it. And while it comes with its own iron sights, if you are going to snap a night vision optic on it or anything like that, you will probably want to move your irons off to the side. The only really obnoxious part about the handguard is that it is a little more difficult to strip when you need to. That is a fair sacrifice for the performance you are able to achieve with the upper itself though. 

The upper runs very well, and like I said there are only really 2 problems with it, being over gassed and a little harder to assemble and disassemble. It is a solidly built upper assembly that works well for most situations. It is a pistol so it does not excel what a pistol doesn’t excel at, so make sure you are planning around that. Otherwise, have fun with this upper if you decide to move in on it. 


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