Magpul: The tried and true, one of the best companies out there for AR platform accessories over all 3 main mounting systems. We all know they have great magazines and form fitting grips, but I wanted to take a look into something I haven’t really heard about from the standard hearsay you might receive  pertaining to Magpul. I was looking for a decent bipod online to help me when it came to steadying my AR-15 build on different objects to get the most accurate shot possible. I went to Magpul’s website, looked up their bipod and saw that it came in the Mlok, picatinny and A.R.M.S  mounts. I ended up getting the black bipod with the Mlok mount. 

The great thing about Magpul is that most of their items are mostly made out of polymer. And when it comes to their bipod, the benefits of the polymer framing works wonders in reducing the forward weight. However its metal infrastructure keeps it durable and long lasting. 

In the field there are some pros and cons. It has a pivot and a cant adjustment that are free, except for the can which you will be able to adjust the sensitivity of via a little knob at the bottom. What I don’t like is how easy the pivot is to engage. It is too easy to move freely, I think I would appreciate the system more if it offered just a little more restriction. It can also move when the bipod is not engaged. That same knob can be used as a stopping device to mount the bipod onto while not engaged. 

Overall I think the Magpul bipod is a simple yet versatile design, capable of being effective in many different situations. I just think that the pivot is a little too loose, however you can get through. For the price as well, I think it is a good enough accessory to put on your build.


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