Diamondback Firearms: DB9 GENERATION 4 Review
Diamondback Firearms: DB9 GENERATION 4 Review

I bought the DB9 for my wife from DiamondBack Firearms to get her an easily concealable gun for her purse, as a self defense gun. Being one of the smallest handguns on the market today, it was a pretty easy choice to make when buying. Well after testing it myself and a slight review of it from my wife, I feel confident enough to give an impartial review on the DB 9 from Diamondback Firearms. 

First off, the DB9 is immensely small, miniscule to even the more compact handguns in my opinion. In my case it would not be the best gun to use as it takes a little bit for me to get in the most comfortable grip, simply because of how small it is. Now I would say I am a pretty big guy in general, with meaty hands. I feel a little apprehensive shooting it because of the short grip, and I definitely don’t want the meat of my hand getting clipped by that slide. 

I forgot to mention that it is a 9mm handgun, which I think is great for how small it is. You feel pretty close to nothing in terms of recoil, and that is how it is for my wife too. There is a .380 version, but I don’t actually know how that one fires so I will refrain from commenting on it. My wife enjoyed very much that she was able to shoot the gun without flinching too much because of the blowback. 

It is very easily concealable, especially in your standard  purse. My wife has had a hard time finding a concealed carry purse that she actually likes, but the DB9 can fit in most purses that she has already. Granted she has a little apparatus that keeps it in a safe and easy to get position. If you are a woman, the DB9 might be a great gun for you. 



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