ABC Rifle Company Review
ABC Rifle Company Review

I have seen a lot of well known AR-15 shops and gun stores on this website, but not many of the lesser known shops, so I wanted to give my review of one. I purchased an ABC Rifle Company AR-15 recently and here is what my experience looked like receiving it and shooting it. 

ABC is a Nevada based AR-15 company that sells budget and mid tier AR-15s. All of the components that come from ABC are American made, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of chinesium working its way through your build. So upon receiving it from my FFL dealer, there were no marks on it whatsoever. It was a completely clean rifle, with nothing questionable on it. 

My first time shooting it I did experience some jammings, which I later figured out to be the cause of my magazine which was an aftermarket magazine. If you want to shoot from these, your best bet is to get a Magpul magazine, simply because after testing it, it proved to like it much more than the aftermarket mag. 

Its actually a pretty inexpensive AR-15 and  since the parts on it are pretty basic, almost like a PSA rifle but cheaper, you are getting a rifle that works. You can put the rest of your money in your budget on a nice optic, grip, or anything else you might want to put it on it. I love blank slate builds that I can tweak and make better over time. It turns out cheaper in the end and I am getting great quality for cheaper than I high end AR. 


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