American Weapons Components: AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Review
American Weapons Components: AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Review

AR-15s are prized for their ability to be customized and changed over time. However because the platform is so open to change, it is much more susceptible to having issues and malfunctions that were not present before. It could be due to the sale of poor quality parts from china or to the fact that some parts are not compatible with each other. You never want to use a part that’s out of spec because it could  end up very badly for you. I buy from American Weapons Components because I know that I can get very good AR-15 parts. Here is my review of the AR-15 extended charging handle that I bought from American Weapons Components. 

The charging handle works much better than the standard AR-15 charging handle. That’s because the lever is extended out much further than the standard. The usual problems that I have had with standard charging handles  are pinches that lead to blood blisters and they are usually very weak and flimsy. Granted, the charging handle shouldn’t be going through enough stress that it breaks, but I think the original design for the charging handle is very flawed in that, it doesn’t allow much room for the finger to latch on and quickly and effectively pull it. 

The American Weapons Components Extended AR-15 charging handle gets rid of that difficulty. It is very good for people with bigger hands, but I would recommend an ambi charging handle for people with bigger hands anyway. This charging handle seems like it is just an improvement on an otherwise faulty design, and that is why I recommend this AR-15 part.


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