Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review
Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

The Luth AR MBA-5 buttstock is a design by Luth AR for an AR-15 adjustable stock which is designed to improve accuracy and comfort on the range. And after purchasing one in FDE I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the way the design feels when shouldered. It looks pretty big, but does not give you so much weight. I would even say  that whatever weight it does have that is greater than a standard stock actually brings the weight back to your shoulder and actually makes the gun easier to hold for longer. 

It has a cheek rest on it  which allows for more prone position/ marksmen type shooting. I do not think this design would be good for very quick shooting though as I think that smaller builds are essentially better performing in that respect. However this gun does provide a lot of support on the shoulder and is very good at dissipating what little recoil there is on an AR-15 that shoots 5.56. 

It also comes with a picatinny rail at its base to allow for a monopod to be installed at its back, a feature that supports its use for marksmen type shooting.  However, what I will concede about this is that the MBA 5 stock does not have an adjustable cheek rest. It doesn’t allow for vertical adjustment at all which is a bit of downer because their previous MBA stocks are at least able to be outfitted with adjustable cheek rests. 

All in all, the MBA 5 stock from Luth AR does have some good qualities, but does sacrifice aspects that I think should have been carried on from the previous models. I would still recommend it though as its use can be more generalized than before. 


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