FIMS Firearms
FIMS Firearms

The only way for a company to one up its competition in the AR-15 market is to make it easier to get. Competitive shipping times and streamlined user interfaces are the bees knees when it comes to selling AR-15s And after shopping online for many an hour to find an AR-15 build slightly above budget tier I came across FIMS Firearms. In this review I want to talk about my experience with FIMS and how my AR-15 build works for me. Lets hop right in.

When I got into FIMS I  noticed that the website was a bit different than your standard drop down category menu. It was a pretty barren menu section with a button that said build an AR. At that moment, there was definitely some nuance to this in the fact that the website allows you to build your AR by picking and choosing all the major parts. It also gives you a visual representation of what your gun will look like when you have gone through the process which I thought was really cool. This is the function I used to get my AR, but they do have a shop where you can go through the normal process of adding products to a cart and checking out. 

Now at the time I am giving this review I have had my FIMS AR build for 4 months. I have taken it, ran with it, got some attachments in the form of sights, a couple extra magazines and a grip. It runs great, the cycling is as smooth as cutting through butter, the trigger is weighted perfectly and the grips they have are pretty excellent. For the price point (It was pretty high) I have to say that I did get my money’s worth out of it. It’s a competition level AR build and that’s just what I want it for. I definitely recommend getting a FIMS Firearms AR build!


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