The technological advancements people have made with the AR-15 platform are exceptional. Hogue is no exception to this rule as their continuous steer towards providing better AR-15 equipment has held strong until it has culminated into their G10 series which I absolutely love. 

The G10 Stock Grip and trigger guard are all pieces I have actively been running on my AR build and I just couldn’t be more pleased with how they help me perform. You can get it without any texturing, but I like it since it really helps you dig into the grip. They use a high pressure thermoset plastic laminate, which translates to an epoxy that is finished over a woven fiberglass mesh for added structural support. They are very strong and lightweight. 

The only real downside to these parts is that they are pretty expensive. However, you can be sure that they will not  break whatsoever, and they are virtually impervious to the elements. The stock comes in mil spec tolerances or commercial configuration. You can also purchase the stock without the buffer assembly. The stock has 3 points for sling mounts and all points are metal reinforced, so there really is no breaking or malformation when it comes to prolonged use. Installation on all of these parts is simple and standard, and is compatible with the Law Tactical folding stock attachment. 

The grip feels very nice in the hand. It is hollow  so it allows for whatever kind of small kits that you would normally put inside a grip. The stock provides excellent comfort and maneuverability, in my opinion it is a little bit better than Magpul. And it definitely has a bit more style in my opinion as well. It fits very snuggly to the buffer tube yet doesn’t require much force to adjust. I highly recommend the Hogue AR-15 GT series grip, stock, and trigger guard for your AR-15 build. 


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