Being my first purchase from Bravo Company, I was very pleased with their BCM bolt carrier MPI Auto. It offers some of the smoothest cycling in any BCG I have ever handled. While it probably won’t come with the greatest finish in the world, that is only because they test fire every BCG that comes out of their store. I am willing to get past a little wear if it means that my BCG will be in perfect shape. 

One thing I wasn’t going for when buying this BCG was the common advertising tactic that the part was mil spec. Instead, the product description gave me everything I needed to know about how it was built, and what it was for. I have bought from several companies who use Mil Spec as seemingly their main ad tactic, and for the most part they are pretty dishonest. So after buying this BCG from Bravo Company, I was fascinated to see that the handling of my AR was so much better when it came to shooting. Definitely give this BCG from Bravo Company a shot. 


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