Ormond Arms Lowers

I have been to a lot of websites, looking for good prices on AR-15 80% lower parts. I enjoy building very much to the point where it is almost therapeutic. I was scrounging around the internet one day, and among my emails I found a website that looked very polished and nice. The company’s name that owned the website: Ormond Arms. It is a Florida based AR-15 80% company based in Ormond Beach. Now there are a dozen Florida AR-15 shops online, but here is what my experience was like with Ormond Arms.

One thing OA did right, was their website’s user friendliness. I felt that browsing the website- despite the lack of products- was a very nice experience. Everything is straight forward and very sleek looking. To my understanding, they have just launched a new website and gave out a coupon code for 15% off. I took full advantage of that on my order as well. The experience on the website was not a problem at all, and I would venture to say that it is better than most.

One thing I noticed while making my order, is that the cart price was different than the ending price. Note that I did get 15% off my order, but, for the regular price, it was different in the cart than when checking out. I assume that is just because of the tax, but the price evens out when you are checking out.

During my order process, I noticed I had not inputed my billing information correctly. I wanted it shipped to my work address so I called them to hopefully resolve that issue. Good customer service isn’t usually hard to come by these days, especially with most businesses caring about repeat buyers. They picked up right away, I held for about a minute, and my shipping address was changed. I have to say I was pleased to have that done, although it is pretty standard service in my opinion.

Receiving what I ordered, The packaging was nice, however, the edges were not so well protected. Nothing happened to them that was ground breaking, just some minor scuffs over the finish. However, I would like to be assured that products from OA are better protected in the future. They gave me some stickers as a courtesy. Now I personally hate stickers, but I guess that’s too subjective for me to put on this review.

I was not disappointed with Ormond Arms, the experience was good, customer service was as it should be, and the parts upon putting them together worked like a charm. I plan on getting some .308 parts next so we will see how that goes. If you are looking for a pleasant experience, and are brave enough to try something new, definitely give OA a look.


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