I like looking cool on the range, but I like looking cool and functional even more. I think that the functional appeal of your gear heavily outweighs how cool it looks as well. I am also a big fan of deals. Any kind of deal where you can get a decent product for a cheaper price is great and worth consideration in my book. That is why I went for the US Tactical Supply Active Shooter Response Leg Rig  Combo. 

Now this particular product isn’t necessarily a deal more than a combination of different products from US Tactical put into one product  to complete a set. In this case, the combo comes with  a Sterile Leg Rig, 2 Rifle TACO’s and 1 Bleeder/Blowout Pouch which all fit very well. 

The quality of each item in the combo is good enough to last you a while before getting more. I think the leg rig fastens very well to the leg and gives adequate room for the TACOs and the blowout pouch. After testing its functionality on the field by running with it, jumping with it, crawling with it, diving with it. I found it held up very nicely to whatever kind of abuse I put it through. Definitely high quality materials and craftsmanship went into this set up. 

I bought this combo because it was  a lot of pieces all in one that I knew would fit together. And it was good to see that US Tactical was facilitating that desire as I am sure that I am not the only one here who wants gear that’s from multiple different places. I definitely highly recommend the US Tactical Supply Active Shooter Response Leg Rig Combo. 


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