I have been working on getting a decent .300blk build for a while now since I want to get a suppressor ASAP before they officially become illegal. I didn’t have to do so much looking when I found ALways Armed kits for a decent price. I ended up buying their 10.5” .300blk in bazooka green. The green is a pretty cool mild green which goes very well with the black undertones of the furniture on it. 

When we get into the build, it is about 500 bucks plus whatever shipping costs, and it doesn’t come with a lower. In fact I want to say everything that I received in terms of lower parts and buffer assembly were all just stock mil spec parts. I would say even the handguard and barrel are nothing special either, so at first glance of the items, I was not too pleased with the value. 

For now, while I am not shooting with a suppressor on it, I have taken it shooting a few times. I put on an anderson lower and ran maybe 600 rounds through it. The gun works very well in terms of feeding and gas. There were no jams or failures to eject, so I think it is a pretty solid pistol. It is not the best performing though in terms of accuracy though, but maybe I just need to do more tweaking on it since I ordered it assembled. 

You should be able to get below 4” groupings with it as it comes to you. Now in terms of my recommendations, it is ok. I don’t think I would recommend it for everyone though simply because you might be able to get better parts at another place. I won’t question the quality of the parts as I know that there are companies out there that charge the same price for far worse.


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