Cheaper Than Dirt
Cheaper Than Dirt

Cheaper Than Dirt is one of the old war horses of the firearm industry. Its reputation precedes it and it is one of the most trusted sources for gun shopping in the United States today. Even with all of these awesome websites, Cheaper Than Dirt offers some of the biggest assortments of firearms, firearm accessories, equipment, and ammo on gun ecommerce platforms. And at the current time, how could they be pushing aside the competition? Fast shipping times. 

Especially with COVID, people have been relying more and more on online sales. While it is something we are pretty much all used to, without COVID-19, right now it matters that orders ship out as quickly as possible with little to no delays. And as gun sales across the country have been on the exponential rise, Cheaper Than Dirt has kept a relatively consistent lead time level. 

I use Cheaper Than Dirt for my ammo purchases because my local gun stores are all out and when they do have stock in, the purchase quantities are heavily limited. Cheaper Than Dirt has helped me get around 2000 rounds of ammo during this time. And that’s mainly because the increasing price of ammo gets in the way of buying more.

It’s a versatile store really. It is like the Walmart of guns since they  really have everything revolving around guns and outdoorsmanship. Get ammo cases, gun oil, targets, anything really. And that is why I would Recommend Cheaper Than Dirt for your gun shopping online experience. 


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