Cera Tactical FDE 80% Rifle Kit
Cera Tactical FDE 80% Rifle Kit

I recently bought a FDE 80% rifle kit from Cera tactical and while I have not taken it out to shoot yet, I want to talk to you all about the parts I received from them and the experience I had with this great company. 

I purchased my 80% build unassembled because I like to take a look at all the parts before I put them together. It is kind of my gauge on the quality of the parts at face value, and I always have other parts around if I want to switch them out. You know, it is a really decently set up rifle for the price of about $430. It’s a bit more expensive than your common PSA budget rifle, but I wouldn’t put my life on one of those anyday. 

The package came in 5 days which was very good for their 5-7 business day lead time, and especially during these times, finding a company that ships quickly and has parts in stock is very important. The packaging was very fit and secure and all of the pieces came. One thing you want in a good company is consistency and Cera Tactical sure does have it. 

You definitely aren’t getting a cheap build with this, and by that I mean that the parts are quality, though the kit itself is not precision built. I think that is really what people who aren’t builders miss out on when it comes to high end versus budget tier. I do think the Cera Tactical 80% rifle kit can definitely appeal to both price points.


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