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This Category is dedicated to .300 Blackout rifles.

Here on AR-15 Reviews, we give our readers the chance to experience and express honest criticisms, recommendations, and reviews. The 300 Blackout is a great rifle for home defense and bigger game hunting. Although its cartridge proves to be more lethal than 5.56 ammo, it is also more expensive, making the rifle less optimal for recreational target shooting. Keep in mind that home defense rounds are usually more expensive, to begin with.

With 2800 FPS and an effective range of 500 yards, the 300 Blackout is more than effective for long-range hunting, home defense, and pretty much anything else you might need it for. Everyone has their own beliefs on the better rifle, the better cartridge, and the better set up, but there is no denying the reliability for home defense, long-range usability, and high impact cartridges.

Because it is on the more expensive side of the AR world, beginners should either invest their time into less expensive builds and rounds, like the 5.56, or conduct heavy research to decide whether or not it is the one you really want to buy. Visit AR-15 Reviews for consumer insight on every AR variation you can think of. From parts to completes, and everything in between, You know the information is coming from people like you, for you.


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