I love the 1911 platform. Not only is it a piece of history, but its platform invites stability and reliability that many polymer guns, in my opinion, don’t offer. That’s why I opted for the RRA 1911 in .45 ACP. In handling other 1911s I am a big fan of the handling, the weight, and the performance of the platform. It’s not unlike anything you have ever shot before, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the RRA 1911. It is not necessarily my home defense first choice, since I use my AR Pistol for that. This tends to be the one I use for conceal carry. Since it has the standard safety feature, I know it won’t discharge, and it is reliable enough that when I need it, I can keep one in the chamber. It is just an all around reliable firearm that I would recommend for anyone looking for a good way to defend themselves, especially in today’s world. 


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