I bought an NC Star DRGB135T 35mm Because it is a very interesting optic for its 1 magnification application. And I say this, that in comparison to other optics which feature different magnifications, you might find that this one works a little better. Of course it is all personal preference, but in case you had no clue about the NC Star optic I am talking about, here is a review on it. 

Its pretty much the same as your standard red dot optic. It features a cap tethers that are separate so you will not lose them while they are not engaged on to the optic. The optic features green, blue and red so it gives you the option to really find the kind of color you want. I use the green one mostly. One thing I find kind of useless is the cantered mount  for it, as you typically need them to be good around other optics that feature long range capabilities. It looks cool, but in my opinion doesn’t offer the function that it might if it was made for longer distance shooting. 

It has built in flip up protectors which I generally like a lot more than ones without any or even the ones with detachable lens protectors. They are too easy to lose in my opinion and its better to not have to worry about where they might be. There is almost no tint within the lens, so the image you are getting is accurate to the real world. There is little to no parallax distortion from any direction you look which is very good for an optic of this price. I think it is definitely worth a shot. It has a good price point, and offers decent performance. 


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