Sportsman Outdoor Superstore is like the Dick’s Sporting guns of the ecommerce gun stores. Or rather, this is what Dicks Sporting Goods should have been for the gun community. But enough on that. Sportsman Outdoor is a great store for finding precision bolt action rifles for your next hunting trip. They had some deals on the Christensen Arms bolt action rifles which was the perfect addition to my hunting arsenal. I purchased the  Mesa 6.5 Creedmoor with a burnt bronze finish on the barrel. 

I was very surprised how fast the shipping was even though it was free, and I love being able to pick up my firearm on the day it arrives rather than waiting the 3 days it takes to for the gun to be able to leave the FFL transferrer. The website makes it very easy to know what you have to do, per the state you live in, in order to get the firearm you want sent out to you. They also have informational guides on the subject of how to buy guns online.

The service from Sportsman Outdoor was very good. I always thought that the best gun stores are the ones that make you feel like they want you to go home with the gun you want. And whether online or in person, a good gun stores strives to make their customers feel like they are going to get what they want. And that is why I have to recommend Sportsman Outdoor Superstore.


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