Courtesy of Palmetto State Armory

An introduction for this company is almost unnecessary as it has been one of the main sources for buying firearms online for a long time. Palmetto State Armory is an online store with one of the biggest varieties in AR-15 parts and accessories on the web. So what can you expect from Palmettoo State Armory?

Upon entering the site, you will notice that it seems slightly cluttered, however, there is a search bar which is very good for searching for what you are looking for. They have many products from ammunition to handguns to full-sized rifles. You will notice that they have many deals and promotions going on, and one thing that I found very interesting was the range of pricing. They have entry level items all the way to competition level products. There are many different kinds of optics as well.

They have a step by step guide for buying firearms online, since they do not only sell 80% lowers, but fully functioning firearms as well. What I am really impressed with is the ease of use of the website. And while the home page of the website does not have a too inviting feel, the website in general is easy to use.

One thing that I can’t really attribute to just PSA is that it has a steady stream of content creators reviewing its products. This makes finding the gun you want that much easier.

The packaging from PSA is very good, they have bags for all your bells and whistles, and a very secure method of packaging the bulkier items too. One nit pick I have is that, where companies like Ormond Arms deliver their lower parts kits in color coated bags, PSA’s kits do not. That is evident on their Milspec kit which features mostly basic items for a decent price.

While PSA does have a decent range of products, they seem to be the king of the budget builder websites out there, really developing their image as the one stop for budget builders across the US.

PSA is a great website. It is a good place to find entry level products and products that you can use to build upon. While I haven’t bought much from them in such diversity, it does seem that the myriad of products on their website does bring up some quality issues. But that can easily be resolved by most of their products having reviews on YouTube that you can trust are reliable, as they are not made by PSA itself. Check out PSA here if you want to get started on a build!


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