Durkin Tactical Review
Durkin Tactical AR-15 Build Kit for $250

When it comes to guys like me, we always get smack-talked for buying AR-15 parts that aren’t operator tier. Some of us in the community though, are able to see past the name of a company to what really matters. Not everything has to be fancy, and not everything has to be defined by a tier that I would argue is subjective at best. That being said when I saw the Durkin Tactical AR-15 kit for $250 bucks I was still a little skeptical about purchasing it.  Watched a couple of videos online and there seemed to be good results on it. 

The first pro about this kit is that it is probably the best entry level AR kit that I have come across despite it being a build kit and not a pre built AR-15. The price point is just too good for it not to be a first choice for beginners. It is one of those kits that you might assume are cheap, but with the quality of the parts, it is actually just a very inexpensive, entry level AR-15. 

It performs very well. The gas system was not overgassed at all on my build, I think that is particularly because it did not come assembled already. It is a very accurate gun from the get go, I actually didn’t have to do much tweaking to it after shooting it. I have since fired about 500 rounds through it. And as far as I can tell, the gun is in excellent shape. 

The Durkin Tactical AR-15 that I bought is really good for its ability to perform well and still be an entry level AR-15. That is why I highly recommend this for anyone just starting out or not willing to put a lot of money into their first build. Definitely give Durkin Tactical a shot. 


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