Carbine Classic Kit 80%
The Ceratac Carbine Classic Kit 80% is our most Popular and Versatile kit for both Beginners and Experts alike. Based on the AR-15 platform that has Proven Reliable for over 60 Years. Outfit with a 16" Barrel and Adjustable Stock the Carbine Classic Kit 80% is Lightweight, Maneuverable and capable of delivering Accurate Shots out to and Beyond 300 yards*. The Carbine Classic kit 80% is perfect for Self-Defense, Hunting and Target Shooting.

I bought the Carbine Classic from Ceratac and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with a setup that I have bought. This thing is one of the best running guns I have ever used for a very affordable price. I mean they just start you off at 299, and then you can get whatever upgrades you want added to that complete kit. Definitely worth the price and definitely worth the upgrades you get on it

Mine came with a Nitride BCG as it was only a $10 upgrade, which makes the BCG that much more slick in the upper. I would highly suggest getting thet nitride BCG over the parkerized one simply because I think $10 in this case makes a very big difference. 

Performance-wise, this thing is the king. I have run just about every round you can imagine, from norma, to wolfe, to federal premium and this thing just wants to run it all. I have put about 500 rounds in total through it, and while cleaning has been rough, the build still works  like a charm, with no noticeable problems. The Mlok rail on this particular one is a 4 screw lock so it is held together pretty nicely and doesn’t make for too much fidgeting to disassemble. 

The coating on the upper is just so immaculate. And while it does make for a rough first time assembly, you will immediately notice the quality of the finish. I got the Sniper grey color, which is a very nice, dense, and crisp finish that gives an undertone of “this guy doesn’t isn’t messing around. 

I highly recommend the Ceratac Carbine Classic with nitride bcg for its affordability, high level performance, and amazing quality. 


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