I went to the Hamilton Expo Center in January and came across an optics stall headed by a company called Southern Quartermaster. Judging by their online presence, after trying to search up good reviews on them, I don’t think they are very big companies. They don’t have many reviews at all. Southern Quartermaster is a firearms accessory and AR-15 optic company whose store can be found online. Now when I dealt with them, it was during the gun show I told you about this year. I have had about 9 months to use and test out my optic from them, so here is my review on my experience, and the performance of the optic I bought from them. 

They were very nice people, I can’t really recall any names, but I do remember them being very nice and informative.  The checkout was very straightforward, and I remember being asked to give a review of them on the internet, which I haven’t gotten to until now. On their website they have a lot of items, from conceal carry purses

I bought the AR Carry Handle 3X-9X Compact Scope Combo  from them and I really like it. It installs very easily onto the carryhandle of my AR build  and has an integrated lens protector. I do prefer optics that have the lens protector as an undetachable feature. However, the adjustment dials do not come with any form of connection, and also doesnt feature any kind of waterproof systems like  I have seen others. While I think it is good, I do think it is lacking at least in those aspects.

While I might not be apt to completely recommending the optic I bought from them -it is good for the price, but there are better optics out there in my opinion- I would be open to giving them a try simply because they seem like a genuinely nice company. 


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