MAS Defense: .300 BLK Lower Review
MAS Defense: .300 BLK Lower Review

I got my .300 blk lower from MAS defense and I wanted to just give a little review/ comparison of the budget vs high end. I will be comparing it lightly to the higher end upper that I have. They are relatively similar in setup and no attachments are on these to make either one more expensive. Basically, the way I got them is how I will review them. I will say that the higher tier  upper that I have is a lot lighter, and that is partly due to the handguard as it is not really a one size fits all handguard like the MAS defense one is. 

The barrel on the MAS defense is 1:8 twist  16”416R stainless steel, and spiral fluted. It is chambered in .223 wylde, it actually looks like it is a bear claw from bear creek arsenal. I think a lot of the weight difference comes from the barrel as the one on my LWRC upper is much lighter in comparison. That is not really a con in the MAS defense upper as it is meant to be heavier.  The lwrc is a 1:7 twist 16” 4150 cold hammer, spiral fluted,  5.56 NATO. 

The builds work great, both of them, and that is really what this is about, The MAS defense my lack in some aspects, but it is generally a pretty accurate setup, but it doesn’t allow you to be as accurate as the LWRC setup, purely because of slight complications in the barrel. Really it depends on the kind of shooting you want to do, but would I recommend one over the other? No. I would recommend both of them.


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