Buds Gun Shop
Buds Gun Shop

Chances are, if you have seen popular gun youtuber, Hickok45, then you have heard about Buds Gun Shop. He always prefaces his videos with some sort of nod or “thank you” to Buds Gun Shop. I am sure his 7 million subscribers have heard it plenty of times, and in my case, after watching his videos over the years, I finally went onto the website. And from what I saw, it looks more like Buds caters to the tactical aspect of firearms while also getting into the historical battle rifles as well. 

I purchased a Mosin Nagant M91/30 from Buds Gun Shop. I was very well surprised to see that they listed their mosins by serial number and they have the Dragoon variant to boot. I was very happy with it when it came. Now these guns are usually fixer-uppers meaning you need to get a little elbow grease and some actually gun grease to get away any of the rust that has accrued over time. I am not a refinisher so I will not be doing anything to the original finish of the gun and I will not be using the archangel stock. I prefer the history of the rifle to remain as intact as possible. 

They are definitely a good company for sourcing all kinds of guns, and if they don’t have the guns themselves, they definitely carry something for it. Whether it be cleaning tools, to attachments/accessories, Buds definitely has the stuff you need. In my case I got out of there with some ammo and some stripper clips. Definitely give Buds gun shop a try if you haven’t already. 


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