Daytona Tactical is one of the seemingly millions of AR-15 80% lower AR-15 stores that are in the Sunshine State. (That is Florida if you don’t know). They are a central Florida based company quite literally in Daytona Beach where the Daytona 500 happens for you Nascar fans. I recently bought their DPMS lower parts kit and I wanted to tell you guys about it. 

I am working on an 80% lower build actually, I had some parts from my last build that I could pretty much build the whole rifle. All I needed was a lower parts kit, cheap, but milspec. I came across Daytona Tactical on my online search, against my better nature, which would have been to go on some kind of forum to look for places I could get a good price. Nevertheless, I bought the DPMS .308 lower parts kit for around 80 bucks. 

There isn’t much to say about it except that it works and it went really well with my lower. The install was very simple and the parts fastened quite securely. It is your standard mil spec lower parts kit. 

The shipping did take a while due to COVID, around 2 weeks to receive the package, but the shipping quality was good enough, and the updates they gave me was helpful in making me feel secure about buying from a company that I have never purchased from before. I did receive good service from these guys, and I did get exactly what I paid for from the,. I would recommend them if you are looking for some cheap parts. 


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