Atlas BT10 Bipod From Mount Surplus Review
Atlas BT10 Bipod From Mount Surplus Review

I will be reviewing an item I haven’t seen much of on here. I think the accessories on a firearm really make the firearm useful past its original functionality. Versatility and reliability are the usual things you look for when searching for a good accessory for your gun. In my case, I was feeling like I needed a bipod on my AR .308 build. I was looking for something sturdy enough to be handled a lot and that was about it until I went deeper and found a lot more bipods which had different features. So I figured that I would try and get the best of the bunch, or rather, what the community seemed to like at the time: the Atlas BT10 bipod which I purchased from Mount Surplus. 

The Atlas BT10 comes with many different functions that make it better than most bipods in my opinion. It is a bit pricey and is definitely not meant to be something you slap on your gun to look cool. For the price point it is definitely meant to be used seriously. Some of the features are geared towards maneuverability while the gun is mounted via the bipod. You can pivot the gun 15 degrees either way from the center axis and can also freely adjust the cant while pivoting as well. It allows some pivot control which I imagine would be great for hunting as it seems like a feature made specifically to take down moving targets. 

The legs of the bipod are very strong and sturdy and also lower the gun to be propped up very strongly and steadily. They work well with the pivot  and cant adjustments. On top of what it offers functionally. It works very well as a stationary bipod. You don’t really feel like it wants to pivot when it is in position. However, it also doesn’t take too much force to where it might seem like you are fighting against it while trying to take aim on a moving target. While it is not a cheap bipod, it is highly functional and great to use for most things. I would Highly recommend the Atlas B10 bipod from Mount Surplus.


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