GST-9: 80% Pistol Build Kit
GST-9: 80% Pistol Build Kit

I am an 80% builder. I love getting on the web and searching for different parts to assemble together to create my own gun. 80% arms has been one of my main hubs for quality 80% parts from AR-15 lowers to p80 frames and jigs. It really is probably one of the kings of the 80% industry as we know it. I recently bought the GST-9 build kit from 80% arms, price tag around $750. I also ended up buying the jig kit for it. So this will be my review of my experience with the 80% Arms. 

They actually have a notice on the website saying that they can’t sell the frame and jig as part of the same product, and that we have to buy the two separately. It’s ok really since I plan on making another one of these in the near future. The GST-9 80% build  essentially takes the glock and makes it a hybrid of aftermarket ideas combined with the reliability that glock is known for. Being able to build this gave me a great appreciation for it, as does assembling any firearm that I have. 

The build process is quite easy. The jig basically does all of the work for you. One thing with Polymer frames is that they are inherently easier to machine because they are made of softer material than lets say your standard T6 7075 aluminum for an AR. 

I definitely enjoyed the build process, and after a slight break-in  process, the gun shoots and fires immensely well. Well enough, actually, that I have considered it for my carry gun. I definitely recommend the GST-9 80% lower kit and jig.


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