Ammunition Depot Complete Lower Review
Ammunition Depot Complete Lower Review

I bought the Ammunition Depot AR-15 complete lower off the internet a while back. I have since tested fire it with one of my uppers from another build to kinda get a look at how the lower itself performs. It was around $500 so I was looking for some good quality especially in the trigger, since for some this might not be considered a budget tier. I want to make whatever distinction is known about it so you guys can get a better idea if it’s worth it to you. I will also be telling you if it is worth it to me. 

Now, I want to go ahead and say that I am ok with putting that much into a lower set up if it’s good enough. I also had the money to put in a lower setup that was expensive since that is what my budget allowed. So right off the bat, it seemed to have some pretty standard accommodations with the stock and the grip. Usually you see that kind of standard stuff on cheaper builds. I will say that it is put together very well. I actually don’t think a new trigger will be necessary on this one simply because of how crisp it is. It’s a smooth trigger with a nice weight on the pull. 

There were no malfunctions at all with the trigger group and it fits very well with my Daniel Defense Upper. While I do like it, I think it is a bit overpriced for what we are getting. The stock and the grip could be a lot better for the amount I think. But I do like the trigger and the lower spec a lot. It is durable so far and very smoothly functioning. While I might recommend this on a different day, I think upgrading the stock and trigger to something better would definitely make this a recommendation I could stand by. 


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