Always Armed: 80% Lower Build Kit Review
Always Armed: 80% Lower Build Kit Review

I am a budget builder. That means I am always looking for the most inexpensive option out there without as little sacrifice to quality as possible. Because there are many like me there are a lot of companies out there that think they can deliver the cheapest products at the best quality for the price.  Companies basically spring up out of nowhere these days trying to promise budget consumers the best, however it is up to us to kind of funnel through whom we should and shouldn’t trust based on the level of consistency the companies display. 

I bought my last 80% lower build kit from Always Armed. It is a 10.5” 5.56  NATO AR-15 pistol kit featuring a lot of basic instruments to get things going. When you are going for a budget build, you have to be aware of what you are spending. You have to make sure your BCG and barrel at the very least are up to the task of shooting. Make sure these two components, as well as the buffer and gas system are up to the task by checking their specs and whether they were tested or not. 

Always Arms displays the kind of consistency I want in a gun company I trust. That is why I am giving this good review on them, because of the three times I have bought from them, I have had a good customer experience along with great products. My latest pistol build is great although I have yet to set it up with my optics, I test fired it and it works awesomely with flip sights. Highly recommend Always Armed for your 80% lower go-to spot. 


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