Midway USA AR-15 Tactical Range Bag Review
Midway USA AR-15 Tactical Range Bag Review

There is more to your gun than the gun itself. A good day at the range has to be decided by more than the gun itself. Organization, preparedness, and your goals are very important to get what you need from your day at the range. But let’s get to organization. Are you using the best  range bag you could find? Chances are you bought the cheapest bag you could find. Well here I am to give you my review of the Midway USA tactical range bag. 

A portion of this review is dedicated to my love for this company, but the quality of this range bag speaks for itself. It’s durable, spacious and easy to use. What more could you really ask for in a range bag am I right?

It stores nearly 20 ( if you cram the last 2 in) AR-15 magpul magazines, has a pistol compartment and a strap for shoulder carry. There’s a place to put your wallet and cellphone, extra magazines, and a drink.

When you get a range bag, you normally don’t get another one until you really need it. I don’t think I will need another range bag  for a long time due to its tough fabric. One thing you will notice in the bag is that the internal parts of the bag like to remain cooler for longer. Granted if you are out in the heat all day it will catch up, but it has a decent level of insulation that is perfect for temporarily storing ammunition.  Definitely give Midway USA apparel and accessories a look. 


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