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Polymer 80 Review

The 80% handgun market is getting more popular by the day. Now people are able to take into their hands the building of their own custom EDC handgun from an 80% handgun frame. The polymer 80, as made popular by the company, Polymer 80, is one way many consumers hav e been able to take advantage of 80% handgun builds. 

What is a polymer 80?

Polymer 80s are 80% lower handgun frames made exclusively from the Glock platform. Polymer 80 specializes in the creation of various aftermarket Glocks from the original glock platforms. The most common polymer 80 is the Polymer 80 pf940c or the Glock 19 gen 3 platform. Not only is this the most popular polymer 80 out there, it is also the one with the most aftermarket parts. It is also the one that is the most compatible with aftermarket and Glock OEM parts. This makes finding compatible upgrades for the Polymer 80 build even easier and more fun. 

80% lowers are frames or receiver blanks that still require extra machining to complete. There is legal literature legalizing them, so you don’t have to worry about any talks of “loopholes.” The ATF has posted several letters, recognizing the existence and transactions of 80% lowers and polymer 80s. Even certain states have statutes regulating the ownership and sale of 80% lowers. 

Polymer 80s are designed to be a gateway into legal gun ownership for those who value their privacy. From the se polymer 80 handgun frames, people can create their own conceal carry or EDC tool. 

Types of Products made by Polymer 80?

Polymer 80 does not just sell 80% lower handgun frames. They also have available 80% lower jigs and other tools for finishing 80% lowers. The jigs are for any number of their handgun frames and even extends to the AR-15 platform. Polymer 80 also sells polymer AR-15 80% lowers. They carry almost anything you need to build an 80% lower, and options for you to swag out your build with apparel and holsters.

Polymer 80 is an 80% lower online gun store. 

Do you have to register Polymer 80 builds?

The states regulate the transfer of firearms, as well as their manufacture. In this case, it would be up to the laws of your state whether it is necessary to register any firearm, especially one that is made from a receiver blank. In states like California, it is necessary to have your 80% build serialized and registered. However, in states like Florida, it is against the state’s law to have a firearms registry. Be sure to know the laws of polymer 80s in your state. 

Gun Registries are lists designed to track the number of sales, and the ownership of firearms in a certain jurisdiction. While not all states have registries, it is important to know if your state requires a license to own a firearm. It is also important to know if your 80 lower or P80 build has to be registered and/or serialized in order to be legal to own. 

It is up to the state to regulate the ownership of receiver blanks. It is not legal everywhere, despite being federally legal. Here is a list of states where polymer 80s are legal. 

The states currently restricting or directly banning the sale of 80% lowers are California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York,  and Washington.

  • New Jersey
  • Washington
  • New York
  • California
  • Connecticut

Polymer 80s are recognized legally, which is good and bad. There are constant streams of regulations on 80% lowers and polymer 80s which may give them legitimacy, but these regulations also have a hand in criminalizing the manufacture and ownership of them. The federal law though does support the ownership of these receiver blanks. 

Can you sell polymer 80s?

It is federally illegal to sell firearms without an FFL, so purchasing polymer 80s, building them, and selling them is illegal. However, buying polymer 80s and selling them as 80% lowers is completely legal and anyone can do it. Polymer 80 offers dealer solutions on their website. 

The only way it would be legal to sell polymer 80 built handguns would be to first acquire a manufacturers license, which would enable the building and selling of all kinds of firearms except NFA items. 

How to Finish a Polymer 80 Glock?

Polymer 80s are easy to machine, because all it takes a hand drill and a dremel tool. The dremel tool, even, is an optional tool, as the frame is made of polymer. The dremel tool is optimal to ensure the correct smoothness, but it can be done in a variety of ways. Polymer 80s come with their own jig kit and drill bits, which makes the process very easy. The polymer 80 instructions are all online in both video and written format.  There is also a lot of content from the community about the nuances of building polymer 80s. Many discussion groups on social media platforms and the internet, are havens for valuable knowledge of building polymer 80s. 

Is a polymer 80 worth the investment?

Polymer 80s are great because they allow consumers to build their own handguns utilizing a platform that is tested. There is an inherent safety advantage which makes getting into the realm of building guns much more user friendly. With parts always available, it is also cost effective to build them over purchasing. That is also because the vast majority of OEM Glocks are sold at an MSRP much higher than the individual prices for all the parts to build one with aftermarket parts.

The only issue is that these polymer 80 build handguns do not hold their value, and have a very low chance of selling in an FFL store, especially if previously owned and upgraded. There is simply no way to verify its legitimacy over a gun built by OEM manufacturers. Not to mention, it will take owning a Federal Firearms License to sell one legally. Nonetheless, polymer 80s are great for private ownership, and enable consumers to get the quality of Glock right from their home without any background checks. 

Can I Carry a Polymer 80?

Polymer 80s are completely legal to carry, although they do spark some controversy. There is always an inherent risk to carrying a firearm whether it is serialized or not. The choice to carry is the only thing that matters when deciding whether or not to carry a polymer 80.

What companies sell polymer 80s?

Many online gun stores carry Polymer 80 products. That is because Polymer 80 has a list of dealers that then sell to other retail stores.

Check out this list of top 10 online gun stores

Polymer 80s are great for legal, private gun ownership. While they are not permitted for sale, they make great personal guns whether for competitions or everyday use. The aftermarket is rife with parts for any situation, and polymer 80 makes them easy to build with their jigs, drill bits, and online tutorials. The community adds a lot to the development of the polymer 80 and there is plenty of information from people who have the interest to guide you into what may be your favorite firearm. 


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