Enhanced Battery Assist Lever
Enhanced Battery Assist Lever

The Tactical link enhanced battery assist lever is probably one of the best on the market. You know, it’s always a good thing when a company stands for its product, but it’s even better when a product stands for itself. The best part about it was that it is half the price of other  levers, but retains optimal quality for the price as well. At this point in time, the B.A.D magpul lever is going for about 40 bucks while I got my E.B.A.L from Tactical Link for only 18..95 In this review I want to go over some of the features I liked  when running it on my AR build.

First off the finish is as good as it gets. It is a double cerakote job so the color is very dense and the finish is very sturdy. It features on  one end, an enhanced release button, much bigger than the standard version which allows for more room to get the finger in the right position for an even faster reload.  It sticks out a lot more so you can more easily catch it and it is finished off with a slight recess in order to give the lever a better more ergonomic feelling the finger. 

Basically what Tactical Link has done is they have taken the Magpul B.A.D and improved upon it majorly. Where the contour is a little off and does not stick out as much as the Tactical Link E.B.A.L. The E.B.A.L also offers a better finish which helps the comfort on the trigger finger and makes it look really cool. When it comes to what a battery assist lever is for, I think it is important to have the best.  I think the Tactical Link is the best  one on the market right now.


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