Ballistic Advantage Review
Ballistic Advantage: Upper and Lower Receiver Set With BCG Review

The ballistic advantage upper and lower receiver set with BCG and buffer was the last thing I needed to make my 9mm build. I have been running this build for about 6 months now and I feel very confident in my ability to make a decent review on the subject for the people who have never been with Ballistic Advantage before. And if you have had an experience, this review will probably help out your confirmation bias. 

Now first off the specs on this set are great. The finish on the upper and lower are pretty much wear resistant and it feels very nice and consistent. The finish has held up to all of my stress tests and has proven its durability and reliability. It is made from T6 7075 aluminum so it will suit all of your mil spec needs. Note: the lower is not an 80% lower so you will have to have it sent to an FFL. 

The bolt is great even though I normally don’t like to have any engravings or anything on it. It seems a little synonymous with those dreaded skeletonized bolts that I have seen which is just not my cup of tea. 

The buffer weight is very nice. You won’t have to do any tweaking on this buffer spring because it is made perfectly for the buffer and ammo. The magwell is perfect for glock magazines. Don’t use aftermarket magazines, it will not work out well. 

When I found this set, I was actually in the market for just a lower with a LRBHO, but then I found this and it had 3 other components I was in the market for. I thought that was really convenient and for the price was definitely doable in my opinion. If you haven’t given Ballistic Advantage upper and lower sets a look then I heavily suggest you do.


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