You know, I always look online and on whatever forum there is, there are always people claiming that they don’t need an expensive rifle. They just need something that works because there is no way they can  benefit from spending $1,000 on a new AR. And while I will admit that budget builds are highly customizable and they can almost always be made to perform better over time. However, after buying the Juggernaut Tactical AR-9 rifle There is definitely something about a more high end  firearm that definitely does make it better. 

Most budget builds are thrown together more haphazardly and do not have the same level of precision machining that more expensive builds like the AR-9 I just bought do. And I think this is where the discussion of which is better comes into play, and there are always reasons to go for either. What I feel comfortable with when shooting my J Tactical rifle is much different than what I feel comfortable with from my PSA AR-15. 

The J Tactical AR-9 rifle is completely made in the USA and made from precision machining of JTs parts to create a precision pistol caliber rifle. It comes in a California Compliant version as well being available in black, pink, OD green, FDE, or even raw if you wanted to put your own finish on the gun. The barrel is  16” with a 1 :10 twist  rate and shoots as accurately as ever. I highly recommend the Juggernaut Tactical AR-9 Complete Rifle.


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