Charging handle
Tactical Expressions

A charging handle on an AR-15 can only be characterized by its ability to do its job. So when it can’t, it is useless. That is what I thought when my charging handle basically came a part after a routine day at the range. When it broke, it kind of got me thinking on how it functioned even before it broke, and I realized, there wasn’t anything especially good about it in the first place. It very well may have been an aftermarket charging handle made to just complete my  basic build. Well after scrounging the internet for another charging handle I took into consideration the things I did not like about my charging handle. The phalanges were too small and the lever was not very comfortable. The lever could only be engaged from one side of the charging handle.  

After going over those things, I found the Tactical Expressions ambi charging handle. It featured longer phalanges with ridges which made it easier to grab onto and it could be engaged with either hand, or more securely with one. They had a lot of designs, I actually went for the spartan one, and I haven’t had a problem charging my AR yet. In my opinion, if a product serves to solve a problem, it is worth recommending to other people who might have the same problem. Definitely give Tactical Expressions a look if you want a decent charging handle.


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