NP Freedom Ammo Can Magnetic Stencils Review
NP Freedom Ammo Can Magnetic Stencils Review

Not many people -especially those of you just getting into guns- think about ammo storage. For beginners, they may not think they have enough ammo worth properly storing for a long haul. However, I think that proper ammo storage needs to start a lot quicker to develop a fine level of discipline when storing it in the future. I use ammo cans to store my ammo, but for a while the organization was pretty choppy for me. That was until I searched online for a decent and neat way of organizing my different ammo types and found NP freedoms Vinyl ammo can decal magnets. I purchased the 5.56, 7.62×39, .223 rem, .308win, 6.5cm, and got a free decal to boot. 

The magnets work really great, but they are small. If you have a lot of bigger ammo cans, they will not fit really well on the larger side. However, the magnets are very easily visible, especially against darker colored ammo cans. They came with free shipping and were very cheap to begin with, so regardless of them being quite small, the cheap price and my sheer necessity to keep organized with my ammo helped NP freedom get a purchase out of me. Don’t mistake that for me saying they are bad, as  I really do enjoy the quality of the magnets, I just think a bigger size would work much better, and they may even get more money out of me in the future. 

If you are having trouble finding a good way to organize the ammo you have started, I recommend NP Freedom’s magnetic vinyl ammo can decals. I plan on ordering more for my pistol calibers in the near future. 


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