CBC Precision: AR Upper Assembly Review
CBC Precision: AR Upper Assembly Review

This is my first review on my first upper that I have ever received, however it is not my first time purchasing or handling a gun, especially an AR. My review here will be of the CBC Precision AR-15 upper assembly. The shipping was pretty quick and the packaging was neat and secure. 

The upper looked great at first glance, however, I began to notice some things that did not seem right to me. In the front of the barrel there were many tiny shavings which does not really account for any performance value, but it is surprising that quality control missed this. It was just a bit unsightly and cleaned up quite easily. 

The forward assist looked like it had been used a lot. And by a lot, I mean that out of the AR-15 rifle that I have used for years and never really needed to use it, this forward assist displayed a lot of wear in the places where the friction was the highest. And simply, if the item is brand new, it shouldn’t be that way. 

My last problem was with dust cover which simply would not stay in the shut position. I had a hard time figuring out what it was but it seems that the door was simply too wide to fit inside the recess snuggly. It still does not affect the performance of the gun itself, but it is pretty unfortunate for the money I paid on the gun to begin with. 

I won’t discount CBC precision, as they did send me a generally nice product and have sent me another dust cover and forward assist. The rifle works well and I am happy I made the purchase. Thank goodness for lifetime warranties.


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